About Us

Studio and School of Sequential Art


Drawing a better world

Our idea, since the start of Confor Studio in 2008, is writing trough the images and to communicate reflective and critical contends, that in some manner influence people to become more human and balanced. The term Confor – neologism that means the balanced union between contend (con) and form (for) – shows our intention. To materialize these ideas we use two languages for which we are passionate: comic books and animation. In addition, the Confor is both studio and school, teaching sequencial art - comics and animation - through presential and online classes and during the project integrates to the team students to complement the training and insert them in the "real" world of sequential art.

Our Values

Consciousness Development

The growth and maturation of the human being at different levels or dimensions: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Excellence in quality

high level of technical quality in every stage of the work's process.


Rigor and commitment to dates, times, schedules in project development.

Social responsability

Conscious and ethical actions with the least possible damage to the environment and to humans.